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Alpine Tangomania

piano trio



Mystical Dances

piano trio


Constanze's dream

Clarinet Quintet




violin and piano



Farinelli's flight

violin and marimba



The flood

string quintet



Dance of the Succubus on Pluto

Saxophone, cello and piano




Saxophone quartet and electronics




Four pianos

meadow spirits

Pan flute, flute, string quartet


The flowing light of the deity

Four songs after Mechthild von Magdeburg

soprano and piano



dark waves

mezzo-soprano and piano



La Chambre Bleue

cello and piano



red room

violin and cello



Black fire

Bassethorn trio




marimbaphone or lithophone




Clarinet trio, Onde Martenot, electric guitar and piano



Verdi's dream

string quartet

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